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"My experience with your company and Holly, in particular, has been amazing. Anytime I had any questions she was very prompt with getting answers for me if she didn’t already know the answer. I would rate my experience as a 5/5. Your company was very true to their word and honest. They told me upfront what I could expect, never tried to hide anything from me, and was always willing to work with me when possible. Holly is amazing and I am so glad I got to meet and work with her. She is a great resource for your company and I will be referring people to your company because of the way she treated me.Your company helps to make a positive impact and influence on the community around it. Thanks to Reicreate my home can be brought back to life the way it deserves to be."

- Melinda S., Fort Wayne, IN

"The business was professional, I really don't have anything bad to say about this company, everything went so smoothly from start to finish and I was impressed with the level of communication."

Joshua, Fort Wayne, IN

"Reicreate LLC is extremely friendly, honest, and easy to work with. I really feel that they had my best interests in mind and genuinely wanted to help me. Thank you so much for making it so easy for me to talk about these difficult things in my life."

Stephanie B., Facebook